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Get Festive with our Mulled Wintertide Cocktail 🍸

by Amelia Pearce 19 Dec 2023

If you were at this year's legendary Wintertide Festival in Hartlepool you may have enjoyed our exclusive Monkey Hanger Gin cocktail, developed in kind collaboration with celebrated ‘ginfluencer’ Allison (@ginsquares) who really brought their mixology A-game and it was TOO good not to bring you guys the recipe!

Get ready to shake, stir, and sip on this unique creation. 🍸...

Monkey Hanger Wintertide Cocktail

Makes 4 glasses


200ml Monkey Hanger Gin
1 litre Apple juice
Elderflower liqueur or cordial
1 Large orange, sliced
Large handful of cranberries

Mulling Spices

Makes enough for 1 litre of apple juice

2-3 cinnamon sticks
Small handful of juniper berries
3-4 star anise
8-10 cloves
Small handful of cardamom pods


Tip the apple juice into a saucepan with the mulling spices, orange slices and cranberries.

Heat gently until simmering, allowing the flavours to infuse for at least 30 minutes. 

Strain the apple juice into a jug and add a splash of elderflower liqueur or cordial to taste. 

When ready to serve, add 50ml of Monkey Hanger Gin to each heatproof serving glass (or mug) and add 250ml of the mulled apple juice.

Finally, garnish with a slice of mulled orange and a few cranberries. Cheers!


ALTERNATIVE: Monkey Hanger Wintertide Mocktail

Follow the recipe above and serve the strained hot mulled apple juice with a splash of elderflower cordial to taste. Garnish with a slice of mulled orange and a few cranberries.

We would like to thank Allison (@ginsquares) for her kind support in the development of this recipe, which has been tailored to complement the unique flavour profile of our gin. 

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