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Everything You Need to Know About Small Batch Distilling

by Jameson Lai 21 Nov 2023

What is small batch distilling? 

Small batch distilling refers to distilling a relatively small number of barrels. It’s typically hand-crafted and made locally.

Why should I buy small batch gin?

Small batch gin prevails over large batch gin because more care is taken in the production process and it may include locally sourced ingredients.

More Care in Production

Since small batch gin is hand-crafted, more care is taken in the production process. It also uses traditional production processes rather than mass production through heavy machinery, which allows for better quality control. 

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Small batch distillers often try to use locally sourced ingredients, which means their liquors produce fresher flavors and have more originality. Since they use fresh ingredients, that also means fewer chemicals and preservatives are used in the production process. Plus, it supports local businesses. 

Our Monkey Hanger gin is locally crafted in small batches to produce clear, smooth gin everytime with a unique flavour profile. Click here to learn more about Monkey Hanger gin.

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